Rolf and Peter Goetzinger Water tank Murals

Introducing Rolf and Peter Goetzinger

Imagine being lifted on a crane to over 100 feet in the air to paint a mural. Perhaps the wind is blowing strongly and the carriage jolts a few feet to either side from time to time. And, with all of this action, you must paint an absolutely straight line on what is often a more than slightly curved object. These are the conditions that Peter and Rolf Goetzinger must deal with all the time, and the reason they are known all over the United States for their water tank murals.

Often including trees, wildlife, and other natural features, they plan their unique designs based on the site-specific needs of each place. They make a deep connection with the land wherever they paint, as they sketch directly from nature to gather their ideas. There are many unique challenges when painting in such high places, but in the end the high visibility of the art allows it to be enjoyed by all. The execution of the murals beautifies whole towns, by turning a dreary industrial object into a masterpiece.

“We’re always trying to find ways to express our artwork in a unique way. As an artist, that’s what you thrive on.” -Rolf Goetzinger-

Their extraordinary abilities and aesthetics are not only recognized by the utility companies and towns who commission the memorable murals. They are also the winners of the 2018 “Tank of the Year” award, chosen by the high-grade outdoor coating company Tnemac. The winning water tank mural is in Katy, Texas and depicts geese flying through a calm sky. It is one of the many huge success stories of art in public places that the brothers have crafted. When the Goetzinger brothers are at work, they’re not just creating paintings, but landmarks as well.

Their Story

Rolf and Peter grew up drawing. Their German immigrant parents encouraged their talents starting at a young age, which eventually led them to pursue a formal fine arts education. After receiving degrees in illustration from Utah State University they worked in many fields. Their experience in graphic design and advertising give them a well-rounded understanding of not only the visual aspects of water tank murals, but also how to work with distinct demographics through planning phases, to find a design that fits like magic. Their sensitivity to the beauty and defining characteristics of each town they work in sets them apart in their field.

The Pacific Northwest boasts the highest density of their work, as they started out in Seattle, Washington, but their water tank murals can be seen all over the country. As part of their lasting legacy, they hope that their artwork not only visually impresses, but also captures the spirit of each place. Great artists have the unique skill of being able to reinvent themselves. As Peter and Rolf Goetzinger have repeatedly shown, they are able to adapt to each town’s specific personality and tune in to exactly what kind of iconic artwork the population will embrace.