ALE SENSO Pavement Artist

Introducing Ale Senso

In the past few decades, urban art has evolved from its early days of rebellious graffiti into a much deeper art form. One of the main differences lies with the way in which artists now reflect their message, their sense of life, indeed their very essence, onto a wall, a street, or any free space.

As an urban artist, Ale Senso is drawn to stories. She absorbs them, reworks them, and sometimes merges them together. Then she transfers them into the environment with symbolic and dreamlike forms. She plays with space and with different surfaces and their peculiarities, creating a balance that is meticulously studied and at the same time spontaneous. The sinuous lines and the harmony of features reflect the planning and research underlying all her works.

The heterogeneity of materials and techniques, the boldness of the visual imagery, and her particular use of symbols make Ale Senso an undoubtedly an eclectic artist. The backgrounds of her paintings and walls are abstractly colored with a personal technique that involves the reaction of different components, such as spray paint and acrylic paint with water, glue, and wood varnish, exploiting the mutual insolubility of the reagents.

Humanity and humankind’s relationships with both civilization and the natural world are not only the key topics of her work but her “trademark” as well. In her continuous artistic research, experimentation is never an end in itself but is always aimed at identifying pictorial techniques and symbolic keys suitable for showing the present moment in continuous evolution.

“One of the things I love about making horizontal works in public spaces is [making it possible for] people to interact with the work, to experience it.”

Her Story

Born in Bergamo in 1977, she began her journey in urban art graffiti writing as a high school art student. Later, during her years at the Academy of Fine Arts, she focused her studies on conceptual art, as she developed several performance and visual art projects.
In 2011, she joined a collective in Berlin. In the German capital, she established contacts with countless artists from all over the world who further enriched her experience through collaborations in both the visual arts and other disciplines.

“For me, street art is such if it establishes a dialogue with the context. I would not be able to experience it otherwise.”