Pet Love Archway A Symbol of Compassion Honoring the Odessa Animal Control Facility

Throughout the world, there are countless acts of compassionate service that go overlooked. The everyday heroes dedicated to bringing joy into our lives do not always receive recognition, let alone an artistic dedication. However, in this case, that is exactly what happened to an incredible group of everyday heroes at The City of Odessa’s Animal Control Facility in Odessa, Texas. To honor their noble mission of promoting the humane treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership, Vito Di Bari designed Pet Love Archway. The heartfelt public artwork succinctly communicates this message, while also giving the facility a unique sense of place.
Cat Dog Metallic Sculpture
As patrons look to adopt pets, Pet Love Archway symbolically confirms that their love of animals is shared by the facility and its mission. Image Courtesy of Odessa Arts and The Locals DC.
The metallic sculpture stands 9 feet tall and depicts a dog and a cat surrounded by a heart. These are the two species of which the center most frequently rescues, shelters, and seeks adoption. Each of the three distinct elements has its own solid color—the dog is blue, the cat is white, and the heart is red. These three colors are also those of the Texas state flag, as well as the City of Odessa’s logo, adding to the ability of the artwork to stand as an iconic symbol not just of the Animal Control Facility, but also of the city of Odessa and its values as a whole
Paw Pattern Sculpture Di Bari
The cut-out design of Pet Love Archway creates visual interest, while also accurately depicting the paw prints of cats and dogs. Image Courtesy of Odessa Arts and The Locals DC.
A hollow cut-out pattern adds further aesthetic value, in the form of paw prints of each of the respective species. While adding a great deal of visual interest, the cut-outs also serve the pragmatic purpose of avoiding the stress of wind on the artwork. The piece instills a feeling of unity and kindness, deriving in part from the positioning of the dog and cat. They both look upward in the same direction, as if together in pensive reverence of the institution. The emotions this sculpture conjures are hard to miss, not only because of the symbolic figures, but also due to design ingenuity—due to its flatter graphic style, it is viewable from both sides.
Pet Love Metallic Sculpture Di Bari
The dog and cat look upward, suggesting hope in finding a new home, and standing in solidarity with the Odessa Animal Control Facility. Image Courtesy of Odessa Arts and The Locals DC.
Lastly, the heart encircles the two animals and serves as a symbol of the facility and its higher purpose. The left curve of the heart covers the heads of the animals, representing a roof over their heads, the temporary home that the Odessa Animal Control Facility provides, and the permanent home that awaits. The second curve completes the shape and signifies the long-lasting bond of pet adoption. It’s a bond that many citizens of Odessa, Texas have cherished, and will continue to in the years to come.
Vito Di Bari’s artwork revolves around adding emotion to cityscapes and parks, creating a sense of togetherness within communities. For visitors and employees, being welcomed by Pet Love Archway brings a smile to their face, while also sanctifying the facility as a safe haven for the animals we all adore and reminding us of our common goals.