Pastel Fd Oversize Walls

Introducing Pastel Fd

Because of irregular and non-inclusive city planning, modern society is full of “non-places.” While art in public spaces can often be used to further gentrify an area, the symbolic and expansive urban murals of Pastel instead inspire solidarity as local identities are remembered, revealed, and uplifted. 

Based in Buenos Aires, Pastel’s sophisticated and gorgeous urban art pieces are internationally renowned for their ability to consistently spark dialogue about the relationship between humankind and nature, between native history and unreal idealism. As a self-proclaimed architect, but in the most unconventional sense, Pastel uses experiences as his palette and the environment as his canvas. 

From cityscapes to rural fields, from open space to closed, he embraces the conditions of the environment rather than impose a pre-established concept upon. In this way, Pastel has the rare ability to pull the unique breath and pulse of a space into the beautiful art he leaves behind—a true gift to society.

“I understand work on the street as urban acupuncture.”


His Story

Francisco Diaz Scotto, better known as Pastel, is a painter and architect whose career began as an ambitious eleven year old with an eye for color and a heart for beauty. 

Now, Diaz’s stunning urban murals and compelling art installations are found across the world, which prove that the tug of the eternal over the ephemeral, of nature’s ability to endure and renew despite destructive and fleeting modern societies, is a universal and necessary conversation. 

Since 2009, Diaz has been creating large scale urban murals that transform static city facades into dynamic walls to beautify cityscapes while reinforcing cooperation, conversation, and community. The grand scale of his artwork is matched with his famously delicate style and a distinct palette. From a warehouse off the Highway 101 in California to the Botanical Garden in Oslo, from neighborhood parks to modern apartment complexes, Diaz’s sweeping masterpieces awaken the senses and reinvigorate communities. 

Diaz has been a featured participant in numerous popular urban art festivals and artistic exhibitions, like the UpNorth Festival and Festival Asalto. His influential murals have been highlighted in several prominent publications, and his captivating public art installations span the globe from North, Central, and South America to Europe and Asia.

“Working with flora as social symbolism, the pieces begin a dialogue about the nature of man and his surroundings. The existential, real, pure and tragic, almost forgotten in modern society.”