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For the world of the future, smart may not be enough. SM-ART is our proposal: a cross pollination of art and cutting-edge technologies for a better quality of life. Artwork can transform the way we live in our cities by making them more human-centered, driven by sentiment and beauty.

Everyone deserves access to artwork that is appealing, empowering, and unforgettable. SM-ART allows any location to experience an enhanced version of everyday life.

Vito Di Bari, an expert in innovation, an artist, and founder of SM-ART, was inspired to create a line of services across industries that would add fascination and economic value to communities anywhere.

He states:

“I was originally working on an algorithm proving that nanotechnology and arts have a common ground in addressing the issues of sensory perception of values and reality, then I decided to try to put it in relation with The Fourth Pillar of Sustainable Development Theory and see what kind of effects a fusion of arts and advanced technology generate to benefit people’s quality of life.

Ten statements came out of these reflections, SM-ART was born.”


What is SM-ART?

Imagine buildings, events, businesses—even entire cities—upgraded with visual experiences that will create a sense of place, produce excitement, attract visitors, and facilitate surrounding development. Our signature SM-ART projects offer any location (parks, hotels, towns, and more) sustainable and dignified artwork, including immersive installations, mesmerizing light art, creative wayfinding, and impressive facades.

Take a deeper look into what we envision for the SM-ART future of the main industries in which we work:


SM-ART Curatorship

SM-ART curatorship is the perfect opportunity to enhance your city or business; our team will create customized public art that reflects Vito’s vision for the cities of the future.


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