Brighter, Enchanting, Magic and Permanent 3D Mapping Projections

The spectacular large format projections that have graced Edinburgh Castle for the last 11 years creating a dramatic and dynamic backdrop for the iconic Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo season have just become hugely brighter and even more visible with a new video projection system specified by digital artist Ross Ashton from DiBari&Associates.

The new projectors have been purchased and ran for the first time during the 2016 programme which launched last week showcasing another exciting and eclectic mix of military pageantry, music, dance, technical wizardry and special effects which will enthral audiences from all over the globe. Ross felt it was an opportune moment to persuade all involved that digital was the way to go, and they agreed. Now we have reached the stage where video projectors can compete in price and hugely improve the quality of the result.

The artwork of Ross Ashton redefines the conventional art experience. Ashton’s art incorporates multiple mediums that command the involvement of multiple senses in appreciating the artwork. There is no stop-and-go when encountering one of Ross Ashton’s projects, one is compelled to take a seat and enjoy the entire tour revealed in each piece.

  • 3D projection at its best

    3D projection at its best

    Apart from being much brighter, the whole system is infinitely more flexible. Content can be changed and added quickly and easily via on site editing and additional materials and special moments can be incorporated into the show.
  • One wall, a lot of stories

    One wall, a lot of stories

    Ross Ashton created a completely new set of video content that is projected for two thirds of the 90-minute show, from when dusk falls. Opening up the scope for creativity and for the production of much more complex visual effects.


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    3D Mapping Projections
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    Transformed into an iconic landmark
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    Transformed into an iconic landmark