World’s First Outdoor Art Wellness Park unveiledat the prestigious Milan Design Week

A brand new experience for City Parks, Real Estate, Mansions, Malls, Hotels & Resorts

The first MyEquilibria tree in the world has been installed in the historic courtyard of the
Orto Botanico di Brera, in Milan. MyEquilibria is an elegant outdoor art installation that encourages open-air exercise with the inspiration of aesthetic beauty.
MyEquilibria breaks down the barriers between art, nature, exercise and fun.

Each MyEquilibria is completely comprised of next generation materials and technolo-gies that make it the very first installation of its kind in existence. The wellness trees of MyEquilibria are constructed of ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete, stain-less steel, exotic and durable woods. Embedded in these resilient fabrics are hidden, proximity-based technologies that interact with visitors’ smartphones through the MyEquilibria app. The easy to use app offers visitors a wide variety of healthy, fun, and interactive functions for their exercise enjoyment.

MyEquilibria is like a “Digital Personal Trainer” right there to guide you with a custom-ized workout program, by selecting difficulty level, your physical characteristics, well-ness goals, or muscles you’d like to focus on.
Visitors using the MyEquilibria app on their smartphones can instantly reference 500 in-structional videos for effectively using MyEquilibria to meet their individual fitness goals. Anyone can get advice from fitness experts through MyEquilibria on everything from cal-isthenics and cardiovascular routines to full body workouts and even boxercise. The revolutionary concept of connecting people around the world, united in promoting physi-cal and psychological health and well being, makes MyEquilibria the first “Social Media Park” in the world. People separated by thousands of miles and across oceans can work out together, compete, help, and encourage each other in real time thanks to MyEquilibria’s online connectivity.

  • A Brand New Experience

    A Brand New Experience

    MyEquilibria brings value to the quality of experience in City Parks, Real Estate, Man-sions, Malls, Hotels & Resorts allowing people to enjoy open air activities.
  • As Nature Intended

    As Nature Intended

    The fascinating spacial balance of the “trees of wellness” was born of Di Bari admiring Voronoi diagrams that mirror the organic symmetry found in nature.


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